In other words…us. As our movements grows, I will find ways here to connect us all together in a Make Do & Mend the Earth circle. As well, this is where I will store the tools you may want to use in your making and mending…

For now, here are some of the hashtags and links we can use whenever we share a post that relates to Making Do. Sharing, word of mouth, is still the best way to spread news…good or bad. When our lives get too full, it’s one of the first things that goes. So remembering to take the time to forward a blog post, share about some small shift you are making on Instagram or Facebook (or in real life…oh my goodness : ) or share another’s post or project can make a big difference. When others see what you are doing, it often inspires or even gives permission to them to break out of their own rut or reluctance.




(“thenewhomefront” seems to be a glitzy kitchen design company…just the opposite of what we want!)

Here is our logo (and description) to pin at Pinterest…

(When you pin from this website, the links on Pinterest will always lead back here, but if you add this description rather than the one automatically linked, it adds more helpful information.)

“A gentle revolution to more deeply understand and support the connections that can heal the damaged planet, our home.”

If you have more ideas, about hashtags or anything else, please send me an email (you’ll have to add the @ symbol. If I leave it in here I will receive spam)

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