how to start a movement...with wine (organic, of course)

If you asked me, I would have said until recently that I was “making do” in so much of the way I lived. I’ve tried to live thoughtfully and even coined a phrase that spoke of this approach to life. Living lightly on the earth has been at the heart of my work and my everydays. As it is for many. But I wonder if like me, you have found it sometimes challenging, difficult to be consistent with…and lonely?

Late this summer, I read a book that I have read many times before, but this time around it spoke to me of a way to deepen and broaden with these earth-healing ways. I’ve written about my awakening to this in the How the Idea Began page here. It’s still hard to put the feeling I’ve been discovering into words, but I’ve tried to describe it in that post. Basically, I want us all to feel a part of something much bigger than we do when we say no to a plastic straw or bring our cloth bags to the grocery store (tho’ those ways are certainly a part of it!) and part of something that truly has a chance of making a difference. Because we are running out of time. And because we need to be doing more to help heal ourselves, as well. We are all connected…earth, sea, sky and all who live on and in them. We haven’t realized this as profoundly as we must from now on.

The good news is that we can honor these connections, and live them out in our kitchens and gardens, with our pocketbooks and our creativity. So many are already, but I believe there is more power and hope in feeling a part of something bigger. It’s another sort of connection, isn’t it? That is why I am starting a movement, and hoping you will join me and spread the word. You may begin my sharing this post via the strange little symbol directly below this post and all the others in our new home here. There is also this post on Instagram that you can share.

I’ll share details and stories and begin the thread of actions that we will be weaving into this movement through the blog posts I will leave here in the days, weeks and years to come. This idea has been simmering for the past six weeks or so, but I only had the thought to bring it into being three days ago. When I heard about the worldwide climate strike (through the amazing Greta Thunberg) I thought this could be my introverted, stay-at-home way of participating. : ) And so it is, but as soon as I finish this post, I’ll be making a sign to take to the climate strike gathering in town. So it is very much a work in progress. I made most of it yesterday and there are bound to be links that don’t work, typos or something missing. I’ve been making do. : ) But please let me know if you notice anything that needs mending. And get in touch with me if you want to help, have ideas or contributions, or anything else.



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