starting a movement-making do style

…and it seemed only right for me to leave something in this post office in the hedgerow, as empty as I’ve left it for the past month or so. And even today, you will find mostly pictures. My words are not many with the nearly new moon and all that has been created in the past few weeks. I would like to let this poem speak for me for now, and the photos. Some of the photos are links to what I’ve created, some to Wisteria & Sunshine if they show what I’ve been working on in our September Simplicity there, some are just (just!) photos of the beauty and transformation around me, as Summer prepares to take her leave and Autumn tiptoes near…


Lady Autumn, Queen of the Harvest,
I have seen You in the setting Sun
with Your long auburn tresses
blowing in the cool air that surrounds You.

Your crown of golden leaves is jewelled
with amber, amethyst, and rubies.
Your long, flowing purple robe stretches across the horizon.
In Your hands You hold the ripened fruits.
At Your feet the squirrels gather acorns.
Black crows perch on Your outstretched arms.
All around You the leaves are falling.

You sit upon Your throne and watch
the dying fires of the setting Sun
shine forth its final colors in the sky.
The purple and orange lingers
and glows like burning embers.
Then all colors fade into the twilight.

Lady Autumn, You are here at last.
We thank You for Your rewards.
We have worked hard for these gifts.
Lady Autumn, now grant us peace and rest.

by Deirdre Akins