musings on ingredients for a truly handmade, natural home #makedoandmend

…opening the studio door to the sun just rising above the edge of the woods across the pasture. A few hummingbirds whiz by as I unfold my rug. And a few flies wander in as I lift the small weights and begin to do my routine. I lay with my head near the door so I can watch the delicate gauze of the clouds roll by. But soon, the sound of logging overwhelms all the more lovely surroundings. Once very seasonal, it is getting so that the days without the drone of huge machines somewhere nearby are the rare days.

The noise and all of its connections lead my thoughts to an online rabbit trail I wandered down the other day. On youtube, to watch a how-to video about a technical something for my work, I perused the videos recently liked by the teacher in the video…clicked on the video with a picture of an attractive, mostly white farmhouse kitchen…watched a few of her natural/simplicity-centered videos…learned that she is now supporting the family with her warm, inspirational sharing of home and garden…then watched one more and discovered the workings beneath the”natural living and handmade home” of it all.

There is a genuine heart for these roots of life in so many offerings these days, but it grieves me how much of it is built on shortsightedness and a lack of understanding. Can they really not feel the connection between the money gained from each link/mention/product placement to the companies whose satisfaction in meeting every consumer whim is the very reason the trees are felled in ever-growing numbers? I know the trees falling nearby will be sent to cardboard factory a half-hour away that makes boxes for all that we want delivered to our doorsteps, want often born of such online videos and Instagram photos.

I wish I had the energy and skill to create lovely-looking films for all of the women who seek out these videos that feed their simplicity-seeking hearts…but, a true simplicity. Would videos of not-so-pristine-but-cosy-kitchens with tea towels made from a thrifted tablecloth be popular? I wish I could package (well, not really!) and communicate the feeling that comes from these sorts of home ingredients, compared to the chemically-grown-cotton-ticking-fabric-ordered-on-amazon-but-home-sewn ones. And beyond the feeling…the knowledge that our very beautiful and natural desire to make a home is not so damaging to our first home, the earth.

musings on ingredients for a truly handmade, natural home