LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW…at the grey, cloudy skies, expecting rain. This must be the third week of such weather, and I can’t help but hope that our usual sunny days will return and bring some liveliness back to my spirit.

I AM THINKING…that there has been so much thinking going on lately that some just being and simple sorts of doing are called for.

I AM THANKFUL…for the warm and filled-up feeling several days spent in the company of dear friends gives.


ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS…returning to cups of hot, dark coffee after almost two months without.

 .I AM WEARING…thick purple and oatmeal colored yoga socks, plum-colored organic cotton leggings with ruffled hems, a honey colored soft cotton thrifted dress and a honey-colored long sleeved wrap knotted over it.

I AM CREATINGSummer booklets for the Wild Simplicity Daybook.


I AM READING…A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson, having just finished a Marion Bradley book. And I FINISHED WATCHING…the second series of Case Histories (and am pining for Jackson Brodie. I AM LISTENING…to my Spotify playlist that is currently leaning towards songs like this from Olof Arnalds and this from Alela Diane.
I AM HOPING…to balance acceptance and endeavoring.
I AM LEARNING…to balance acceptance and hope.
IN MY KITCHEN…I experimented with broadening my food and drink while our friends were here, but will go back to the narrower path for awhile…because I feel better when I do…as good as the wine and toast and butter were!


IN THE GARDEN…only a bit of weeding as the seedlings grow tall on the morning room windowsill and we all await the cessation of the rain.
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I don’t get around as much as I used to on the interwebs, so I am sharing a link to my Pinterest boards because I would like your help with them. Because I don’t spend much time wandering, my pins are rather few. Are there boards you would like to see me add? Is it ok if the pins are often from me or my few favorite places? Do you have any Pinterest advice or opinions? I am going to try to share there more often in the future, if I can find a natural way to do so.
 .Never to categorize,  never to separate one thing from another – intellect,  the senses,  the imagination … some total gathering together where the most realistic and the most mystical can be joined in a celebration of life itself.
Woman’s work is always toward wholeness.
-May Sarton
 A moment from my day…