December 2014

a wednesday in december…


…which started with the writing of numbers on little bits of paper, putting them in a yellow-ware bowl and having my deario choose the recipient of the calendar. I am happy to announce that Louise will be receiving it and that I will be in touch very soon!


And I am so grateful for all of the recommendations. I’m especially glad to be reminded of the Gladys Taber books…which I have never read! Tho’ I remember tending them and Madeline L’Engle’s Crosswicks Journals (I put those together in my mind, tho’ I’m not sure they are similar?) in my beloved bookstore years. I am looking forward to dipping into the list in January, when my Christmas books are finished.


With my day in town and errands behind me, I have a whole glorious week to stay at home and fill the last of the orders at my Etsy shop, continue cleaning and adorning, and begin the making and wrapping…


I’ve warned this spider and others that they must take shelter, as duster and vacuum will soon be in use here, after weeks of neglect. I’ve never been one to handle a full plate with ease. The opening of my shop really threw my always-fragile rhythm off for awhile. But it’s been very interesting (and gratifying) and I am eager to see how it will all settle out in the New Year.


For now, tho’, I must stop taking photographs…protect my breakfast from ever-so-innocent-looking kitties…and get on with my day. And I’ll be thinking of you, going about your own day, as I assemble calendars in my studio, and dust and polish in mine…

P.S. Tomorrow, the 11th, will be the last day that I take orders at my shop. Well, take them and get them on their way to you before Christmas! You may still place an order after that date, but I won’t send it out until the week between Christmas and New Years Day.

a calendar of one’s own…


…for the first time in five years.

If you knew me in Small Meadow Press days, you might recognize this one. It is the 2009 calendar redesigned to work with the paper I had on hand and my old printer’s quirks (the dates are the same!). So instead of the book-style ribbony binding of old, there are binding rings and an adornment of vintage silk cream ribbon instead. But the thick, flecked recycled paper, vintage images and large spaces to write in are all there.

I would love to give one away…to celebrate my Etsy shop…to express my appreciation for your visits and comments.


And since the theme of the calendar is Books and Reading, all I ask in return is that you leave a book recommendation for me.  Anyone who leaves a comment will be entered in the giveaway and I will announce the winner next Wednesday morning, the tenth of December.

“Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so slightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners.”

-Virginia Woolf

I read all sorts of books, but my favorite ones are those that set in fairly realistic, everyday life and full of domestic detail. Rosamunde Pilcher, Miss Read and Elizabeth Goudge come to mind…


…more than come to mind, actually. I haven’t really gotten over the fact that Rosamunde Pilcher stopped writing, and after her best book, in my opinion, Winter Solstice. I’ve tried Marcia Willet, Angela Thirkell, so many others. But they just haven’t satisfied or rung true to me. So if you have a book of that sort to share with me, I will be thrilled! But please tell me about your favorite books lately, whatever they may be…


The calendar (and some bookish bookmarks) will be added to my shop in the next few days. But that will be all the newness I can create for this year! I am making sure that I leave enough time this Advent to read all those good stories…and light lots of candles…and bake and honor and sew and celebrate. December 11th will the last day for ordering.


But there will be so much making to look forward to in the New Year…and reading. I am trusting you will leave me many lovely breadcrumbs to follow in the comments below…