It is late.

I leave early tomorrow morning on a journey, hoping to find many things…but especially “a quiet waiting for {me} to hush“. I didn’t know that was what I was looking for until I read Kyce’s beautiful words today, and remembered. I thought I had signed up for this retreat to help me to find joy again…and so I did, all the way back in January. And joy will still be gladly found, if I am so fortunate. I knew I wanted the company of women, and will be assured of finding that.

But now I know that what I am most looking forward to at this moment is what I will find by this stepping away from my everydays and listening to what I can hear in the silences I hope to encounter…on the short flights in my seat amongst a plane-full of strangers…on the island of my twin-bed in the simple shared room in the former monastery…walking the halls or the trails after a session or meal…perhaps even while enjoying a conversation with someone new…

Expect a daily glimpse or two in the Instagram box in the sidebar.

So looking forward to returning and settling in here…at last.


P.S. The photo is from the last creative retreat I attended, at Squam in 2009