Yesterday found me pinning the flowery sheets
to the clothesline in the sun and warm breezes for
the first time this year…

…and picking up all the grey twigs beneath the elm
tree with visions of finally finding the little bistro
table and chairs to place under its boughs in
the months to come…

…and gazing with joy upon the tapestries of tiny
blue and white and purple flowers carpeting
all the grassy spots…

…and clearing away the dead leaves and delicate
green weeds surrounding the tiny daffodils
and little clumps of chives at the base of the
apple tree by the kitchen-garden gate…

…and learning with surprise, when my
darling returned home as the evening drew in,
that it was the first day of Spring.

My mind hadn’t been keeping up with the
calendar, but my barefeet and busy fingers
led me to the spirit of the day.

I hope you found some bit of Spring, too.