And here you come….

…with a cup of tea wreathed in steam-Sylvia Plath

…or a cup of rich, dark coffee…or purply-red wine…
my deario is keeping me supplied during these tumultuous
days of returning from a wonderful show where I sold
almost everything I had…only to find that my trusty printer
of seven years had given up while I was gone…and
forty-some orders waiting to be made and sent!

Emails have been winging back and forth…between me
and my patient and lovely customers…between me and the
kind doctor in New York who decided to sell his printer (the
twin of mine) just when I needed it…between me and
far-flung friends who listen to as I figure out both these
small challenges and some much larger ones on the
horizon (more on that later).

While I am waiting for my new/old printer to arrive,
I have been filling what orders I can with what I am able
to rustle up in all the nooks and crannies of my studio, and
writing out orders and mailing labels by hand and doing
what I can to “make my home fair” for the coming holidays…
tho’ I am still in the clearing the decks phase and am a
long way from the twining of greenery.

¬©Winifred Nicholson’s Estate

…tucked in and around all the cares and strain
are hours and moments of refreshment (beyond the liquid
kind!)….with today’s discovery of these paintings bringing
to my day the same bright freshness that I can almost feel on
my skin when I gaze upon each peaceful scene.

I hope they will cheer you, as well.


….in preparations for my last show….candlecalendar.jpg

…having finished my calendar for this year…


…and with so many thoughts to share, but I seem to
be unable to find the words tonight! It feels so odd,
but is the practical result of too many late nights
and too many ideas trying to be manifested in
too little time.

I don’t like to bring this up…but the passing of days
seems to be accelerating, as is so familiar each year at
this time. But-oh how I am trying to keep the hours
and days reined in! And I am having to let go of things,
here and there, to accomplish it…a hard thing to do.

The full details may be found here at my website,
and if you are thinking of placing an order this week
(December 6th is the last ordering day!), you might
like to read my update there.

Here’s to savoring the last days
of Autumn and the first days of Advent. I spent
a few glorious moments today under the blue sky
and the nearly bare trees, with the sweetly whistling
birds and tiny fluttering insects and a few
humming bees to accompany me.


The trees whispered to me of the art of letting go.