…although a new chapter in a book is usually an unalloyed joy, and this new chapter in my life is more shadow than sunshine at this moment. For I am getting used to our home without my mother in it, as well as getting used to my new role as daughter-intercessor with a lovely-but-complex institution.

My mom is actually doing very well, and I know that I will, too…when we have adjusted and re-arranged and found the new pattern. It reminds me of working a jigsaw puzzle…some pieces aren’t fitting in yet (well, to be honest, the dementia will never be a piece that fits well)…but we are turning them this way and that and will keep doing so until they fall into place.

Last month, in little bits of time snatched in between shopping expeditions for the new apartment and meetings and telephone calls, I began the reacquainting of myself with my studio and my plans for Small Meadow Press. It is slow-going at the moment as I wait for my heart to join me, but I am encouraging myself with lattes and time-to-think and good conversations about the possibilities.

This is what I do know…

I will to re-open my online shop in early September.

I hope to celebrate it with the unveiling

of a Small Meadow Press planner (which I need more than ever!).

I am looking forward to my shows in Charlottesville, Williamsburg,

Fairfax and Richmond in the late Autumn months.

I am pondering what to keep making and what to let go,

what to bring into being and what must wait-for now.

I have been so heartened by your emails and interest

over the past few months…