Origin Old English weinan, of Germanic origin

1. Accustom (someone) to managing without something on which they have become dependent or of which they have become excessively fond.



Origin Scottish and N. English, contraction of wee one

1. A young child

….and both apt descriptions of me these past few days since I have been home.

I shall be back here, with writings and photographs of my days in England and Scotland, just as soon as I am able to face life wholly as a grown woman and not the listless child I have felt since returning on Wednesday. I am being gentle with myself, whilst also realizing how very indulgent it is to be moping about.

Things are looking up today, as I have made progress with unpacking and cleaning the house and actually enjoyed hanging out the wash in the hot southern sun, for a wee while atleast. And look how brave I am to be gazing at the photo of me in the grass on Binsey, with nary a tear in sight….

See you before long.