…are where I have been, but am glad to be leaving behind me,
like this pale grey mist that passed through our woods a few weeks ago…
…and I feel life and liveliness returning, like the blackbirds that
come to visit our quiet fields…

As I listen to their chatter and watch them circle and swirl and glide
to the ground, I welcome their action in the stillness of the Winter.
They are my dark snowflakes, as we are in the midst of yet
another Winter without the gift of Snow.

My mom and I have found a good rhythm of walks and movies
and tasks and conversations….and visits to her dear home on the water
every few weeks.
I saw a yellow crocus in the lawn today and noticed that the daffodils
are several inches out of the earth. I know that lovely, austere Winter and I will
soon be parting…and it is such a wrench. Do you feel the same I wonder?

Through a fortuitous mistake on the part of British Country Living, I received two
January issues. This cover brings me so much pleasure, I have been keeping it out
for the past few weeks so my eyes can continually light upon it and its pale
browns and blues and whites….the colors of Winter for me.

The inside is so gorgeous that I take little peeks and then set it aside for the
perfect time when I can truly savor it…tho’ I must give in soon, before
the season it is rich with has gone!

I would love to give my extra copy to one of my dear readers, and
ask only that you leave me a comment and tell me how your
Winter has been thus far and what you have found to
appreciate in it.

I am so looking forward to reading your comments this week and will
draw a name from the list on the 21st and announce the recipient on Sunday,
a week from today. I am going to be posting more often here, for
I realize how important it is to me…this small community of kindred

I hope that when you wander this way in the future you will more often
find a little something in the box in the hedgerow.