Just a little note to let you know that I had my very first interview last week and it is published at Susan’s delightful blog called Not Quite June Cleaver. That name makes me smile whenever I see it, tho’ when I consider, I would much rather have Susan’s homemaking and cooking to come to home to than what I remember the Beaver enjoying. It is a long interview, but I hope you will enjoy it…I can’t ever seem to keep a blog post or an answer to a question short!

I have been thinking about what Erin said about not viewing the challenges of a well-balanced life as a problem, but an opportunity for growth (in the comment section for the first chapter of our Book Club). I am hoping for some quiet hours this weekend to let that idea sink in, and to keep pondering the first chapter. I plan to have a notebook open and waiting somewhere nearby, like an empty, open beach….just there to receive any thoughts or insights about my life that may come my way. I wish the same for you. And lovely moments of celebration if that is in your plans, too!