I have much to say about…..meadow picnics and cowbirds and the spring-green fields around me. But this is my third day at home since returning from the Art and Soul retreat and I am leaving tomorrow morning for a little anniversary get-away with my sweetheart. Tuesday was spent filling orders and trying not to be grumpy about being home and not in Hampton playing with glue and paper and paint. Wednesday was for filling orders also, and feeling a little happier to be home (and plotting my next retreat!). And it is now Thursday evening and I have just adorned the last package and am looking towards the next few days in the city with my husband. But I don’t want any more days to pass by without chronicling, even briefly, my rich and memorable days at Art and Soul.

This is one of the “Anthologies” that I made in a wonderful and cheerful class by Cathy Taylor.
It was a struggle to accustom myself to the idea of tearing books apart-gasp!-but I carefully chose a few from my large collection that wouldn’t be missed in their whole state. I made my Anthologies a bit differently than Cathy taught, because that is the only way I could “see” them once I began. And I am thrilled with the shape and weight and layers that resulted.

I so enjoyed my hotel room, once it was filled with my baskets and wicker suitcases full of papers and stamps and ink. Both nights I happily sank into the white nest of a king-sized bed and five pillows. Spare hours there were spend watching fascinating interviews on cable news (we have only a few fuzzy channels at home) and stamping the “trades” in the first photo above, and cutting and preparing things for next-day’s class.

My second class was given by L.K. Ludwig and was spread over a lovely two days of color and texture and quiet, satisfying creating.

I want to share more from this class with you, and will do so in the days to come….for now, a storm is approaching and we will have to get offline very soon! So here are a few more photos and I wish you all Bright Days.