When last I posted, I was still clinging to the thought of Winter. The plea in the lovely print above (“snowflakes hurry”) was never answered for us this year. But then my birthday arrived, and with it (as always…gathered by my menfolk) these:

…so how could I resist Spring’s overture? Since then, it has been series of delicate days-warmth and chill and pink blossoms and hearthfires and lots of laying in the long grass and looking up at the sky.

I am won over. And now it is almost Easter, and I am looking forward to hiding some of our hen’s eggs (hard-boiled) for our nearly-grown sons and their friends tomorrow. When they are found and gathered we will make them into egg salad and feast upon that for our lunch…followed by cake!

The first photo, and this last one were taken of the goodness I unwrapped a few months ago when I received a parcel from Delila Jemaiel . We “met” sometime last year, through each other’s blogs and gleefully arranged to make a trade of some our creations. I had such a quietly thrilling time opening each little packet and kept it all out on my desk for some time.

I have now replaced Delila’s snowflakes print with the springtime collage you see above (and do you spy the wonderful business card she made me just next to it?), on the shelf in my studio. And I am busily preparing for upcoming shows….and finding much pleasure in what you leave for me, here in the hedge…and what I find when I take a ramble and peek into other letterboxes, in the hedges that dot the internet. Finding this tonight, was like discovering the most perfect little gift, nestled in a rustic basket, set under a lilac bush, on a dewy Easter morn.