of a busy, challenging time I am taking a few moments to post here. I have the first of three Spring shows beginning in just ten days and have been struggling with my work-horse-of-a-printer for the past few days….very frustrating! My hope is to someday have the creations I offer to the world not so dependent on temperamental, mysterious machines. But until then, I am gathering some peace of mind from this illustration:


She looks to me as tho’ she is pausing in the midst of working hard to read something nourishing, or pleasing, or helpful. Her body seems to be appreciating the respite and the support of the sturdy table for her tired arms. I am going to keep her in mind as I work through the tasks I have before me today.

I have just received word that my website may be unavailable for the next few days due to the host needing to accomplish some extensive updating. I wanted to put a note here in case anyone visits the website and finds it isn’t really there for the moment!

And I hope to post again soon, but with the printer problems putting me behind schedule (not so nice) and my birthday coming this weekend (very, very nice!) I may not have a spare moment. But I do wish everyone a happy and productive week!