Such a long time it has been since I posted! We have finally been having a taste of Winter at long last and that and the New Year have put me in a very quiet and placid mood. I have not hurried the whole month long and have been having a satisfying time just working away at clearing out little spots around the house, attending to lessons, reading Jane Eyre….all slowly and happily.

I am still feeling rather hushed, but wanted to put a little something here to let you know I have not given up on my journal. It was really interesting to read many of the posts around New Year’s time when some of the women-who-blog were pondering the pros and cons of it. I confess I have pondered these things myself, and wondered whether to go on. But it feels good to keep with it at present (you don’t know how many times during this short post I have had to refrain from Jane Eyre-style speech!)….as long as you all can be patient with my sporadic posts.

Here is a collage I made at a workshop at a Quaker women’s retreat I recently attended. It was an amazingly nourishing few days…..especially the two artsy workshops that I chose to attend. We were given a pile of magazines and some scraps of decorative papers-and scissors and paste, of course. We were to choose a picture of an opening of some sort to begin with, and to go on from there. We had only an hour, but what a fun hour it was!

I hope to write again soon…..