I hope! I have been on a small holiday from business and blogging, but am hoping to really find a summer rhythm for it now. I appreciate the patience I feel from you all while I find my blogging feet, so to speak.

We figured out the squeak in the bed, my husband has been beating back the weeds and ilanthus trees, we have resigned ourselves to our annoyingly slow internet connection, and I did, indeed, begin to go through our dark stacks of video tapes. It is so easy to give them up now….but not so easy to figure out what to do with them. No one in my life seems to want to use them anymore, so I turned to researching this question on the Internet. And I found the nicest resource!


They will take virtually anything related to computers, tvs, stereos, etc. that you are finished with and either find a new home for it or make it into something new. Video tapes, for instance, are wiped clean of recordings and sent to police departments to use for surveillance tapes. Who knew? They have many options on how to get your stuff to them….I will be using the Technotrash Pack-It option which means I ship my unwanted tapes to them and pay them $6.95 to make them useful again. It is $6.95 for up to 20lbs. Hooray! Just a little less plastic trash in the landfills taking hundreds of years to break down. Do check out the website, they answer all the questions you might have about the process and why we should take advantage of it.

I will post again soon, with some new creations….one is a sort-of planner, and I want to find all the sweet planners I have fashioned over the years for our family to entertain you with! How dear to our womanly hearts is the subject of organization and planning…even when it constantly eludes us.