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.There is  Wisteria & Sunshine, a private haven online where women can come together and find refreshment, inspiration to make the most of what we already have, to remember to turn to nature and our own hearts when we need strength or peace, to be encouraged to tend our home and our lives in a quieter rhythm.

I call it Wild Simplicity and Deep Domesticity and share it in something new to read and see each day at Wisteria & Sunshine…in the cosy, literary beauty I try to create to nourish and inspire…in the projects and themes we explore to help us to tend ourselves and our lives. Won’t you join us? You may find more details and the link to become a member here



Have you ever looked online for a lovely e-card to send to someone…perhaps when it is too late to send one by mail? I have, and I never could find anything simple and beautiful. So I created my own, a natural step from Small Meadow Press, the stationery line I used to make.

My members and I are finding so many uses for my Post, beyond the traditional greetings (tho’ you will find those represented, of course!). They make a refreshing change from an ordinary email when you need to write a note…and we are sending them to ourselves (using the personal calendars and future-delivery options) for any sort of reminder needed…and we are celebrating special days (author’s birthdays and the full moon, for instance) and everyday happinesses.

It works on an easy, membership basis. For just $24.00, you can send as many e-greetings as you like during the subscription year. You may learn more and join by visiting here.


I’ve kept many online journals over the years, now I am only writing in the one here…simple is good. But here is the blog I kept for three years of the caregiving journey I took with my sweet mom, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. I have not written a post since a little while after her death near the end of 2012…tho’ I may write an update now and then in the future. Those years were bittersweet, but it is the sweetness that continues to ripple out, now that the hardships are over. I will always leave this blog open, in the hopes that it may be of help to someone, anyone and as a memorial to Lois Padgett, the very special woman I was graced to be able to call my mother.

If you are looking for The Bower, it is all here now, and I will continue to write and share, as always. I think of it now, even tho’ it doesn’t have a separate name, as my Rosehip Bower…this page explains…