Perusing my Country Living the other day, I was aware of all the summer touches in the rooms in the photographs (the staged rooms and the real ones). I realized that I hadn’t really done my usual seasonal transformation in our home, so focused have I been on shifting rooms and paring down. But I do know that the more I celebrate the difference and unique nature of each season in my home, the more my home gives me pleasure.


So I took a little time this morning…to gather the books I am reaching for most often these days on my newly-spare desktop and to prop them up with a heavy sea shell…


…to collect a pile of July Country Livings and Victorias near the porch sofa (and a few more shells as well!)…


The dim cave that is my studio in summer received a change of covering on the chaise where I often perch to play with paper. And I cleared the decks of my tables and put out the page of my visual journal that most expresses the spirit I am looking for at the moment.


My studio and the porch are the two hearts of my retreating this summer-the one is cool and shaded (it’s the only room where we have a modicum of air conditioning)…


…and the other is my rather feminine version of a camping cabin…with rough wood rafters and places to rest and lounge in comfort…but as little else as possible.


Do you do anything special to create the atmosphere of the season you are in?