I’ve looked rather longingly at the many link “parties” and other little gatherings

that come to life now and then on blogs around the web. Often knitting is thing that brings the gathering together, but I am a paper-girl. It has been my medium since I was a small child. Everyday paper is my great love…the way we use paper at our desks and in our purses and at the kitchen counter. The garlands we fashion to celebrate banner days, the brown bag we might decorate to hold the cookies baked, the to-do lists and calendar pages we create and use-day in and day out. And the books we read.


Do you melt a bit inside when you see the torn edges of magazine pages pasted in a notebook?


Do you love papery messes and leave them untidied for their beauty?



Are you the sort of woman who feels most at home with a book in her hand, 
her bag or in friendly piles around her house?   



…and that there can be no such thing as too many notebooks?

Then you might like to join in with my Papery Days. I won’t call it a party…as an introvert, that doesn’t quite fit. Let’s imagine it as an online scrapbook, each with our own page, sharing a glimpse of the beauty and usefulness of paper in our everyday lives. And I must tell you that I have a strong bent towards the natural, recycled and handmade when it comes to paper. My hope is that anything shared in Papery Days will inspire more and more thoughtfulness in this area. You will see what I mean once we begin.


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And if you are desiring some more papery beauty and pursuits apart from our small gatherings, my Wisteria & Sunshine site is full of paper-girls, and many months of posts and resources with Everyday Paper as a very regular topic.