my own quiet energy

Dropping by for a quick hello on this April morning, sharing some photos from the weeks past…all yellow and purple with the early spring. But my world is leafing out now and soon, all will be lush and green, green, green. Last evening, a gentle thunderstorm came along as the sun was setting behind a soft, grey curtain of clouds in the west. Then the sun peeked through and a rainbow appeared in the east and I took my Van Gogh-sunflower-yellow umbrella outside to the garden and stood, while the rain fell and sparkled, Jasper leapt and posed, and the white cherry blossom and deep pink apple blossom buds shone around me. These spring moments are held so dear…

We are in the midst of our slow spring cleaning at Wisteria & Sunshine and I shared this a few days ago, from the book Sweeping Changes…

There is no need for you to be relentless. It is more a matter of finding the easiness that comes from using your own quiet energy. There’s no need to strive for total cleanliness and purity. Even perfect clarity is not without its problems.”

Some of these photos are from my bedroom spring cleaning, accomplished and now being enjoyed. But my living room refreshing is taking even longer than than the week I had intended for it. I am slowed down for bodily reasons, yes, but it is more a lingering pleasure in the paring down, the caring for and the adding of spring-like touches and layers. I do believe it also has something to do with tending the oldest part of our home…it draws me and feels most…mmmm…home-like. It’s mysterious.

If I could, I would spend all the coming days and weeks and months using my own quiet energy to clear and nurture my home and my garden, my life and my connections. This sort of work is nurturing for me and for whatever I am putting my hands to. As well, it gives me time and space to let my mind find clarity (never perfect!) about so much. As it is, I manage it in between my studio work, my rest and my watching of another episode of whatever British detective show I’ve found to enjoy. : ) But, the world is beginning to open up, as is my small world. In a month I will be fully vaccinated. Tomorrow, Doug and I will venture into town to a small, outdoor market and musical offering. And I’ve received my first invitation to an indoor/outdoor party. Tho’ I have pretty much decided against that one. Twenty people and being sociable on that level feels beyond me at the moment. I’ll stay with my peaceful spring rhythms for as long as I can, I think. As summer approaches and more and more hindrances fall away, that will be the time for opening more to the sun and society…for blooming…in the ways one wants to, at least.

waking up…

…this dear, neglected place…with some recent photos from Wisteria & Sunshine. It’s a year since the pandemic really began for most of us, four months since I last left you something to find here, three weeks since I let go of Instagram and a day until I turn 62. I am taking a birthday break from my usual round for the next week and that spaciousness inspired me to visit here. I will freshen up the rooms and furnishings when I want to sit down and have a change from the clearing I’m doing inside, and the pleasures I’m soaking up outside as the sun pours down and the breezes warm.

My hope is that as I continue to let go and refine and integrate in my small world (the work of becoming an elder-woman, a rose hip…at least for me) I will find a rhythm for posting here. It’s something that’s been elusive for many years, but as I seem to be finding my way back to the earlier, slower, unencumbered days of the interwebs, it feels more possible now.

Enjoy your early March days!