I have always loved the season of Advent, tho’ when I was a girl, it meant only the opening of the pretty, glitter-sprinkled German Advent calendars that were a tradition in our family. As a young mother, the possibilities enlarged to the creating of atmosphere, preparing the way for a calmer Christmas, enjoying our own version of traditions we were discovering.

At Wisteria & Sunshine, the private haven I’ve been tending for five years now, we go deeper with all of these things, including the layer of making it all as earth-conscious as we are able. In very recent days, tho’, it has felt important to bring even more thoughtfulness and light in.

After many days of quiet and pondering, as the November days unfolded, I laid myself down on the soft rug in my studio, sunlight pouring through the glass doors, in child’s pose, and poured my heart out for an embodiment of all that I had found helpful in recent days…poetry…beauty…the sharing ways to make a difference. And later in the day, I received an idea…a series of short, lovely emails, delivered daily to inboxes throughout the season of Advent. A bit of poetry, an inspiring photograph (or two, or three), a small seasonally-focused, earth-honouring action to take…in our hearts, our homes, our days, our spirits…

A Lantern on the Path

~a wild simplicity advent~

$6 (that is half-price)

  • Simple, luminous emails from the 27th of November until Christmas Day
  • The ingredients mentioned above and an occasional tutorial or extra, to be added to a “secret” page for subscribers-as we go along
  • A rhythm of emails in the pattern described Monday-Friday…a recording to listen to on Saturday…a “gathering & preparing” note on Sundays for the week ahead
  • No groups or conversations to join, but the receiving of these notes, from me to you…doors into a more peaceful December…
  • Bring a friend, for free (details during signup)

If you are wondering…

-There will be thirty emailings in all

-Signup is via Paypal and is a one-time purchase

-During checkout you will see “Wisteria & Sunshine” as the “from” during the process. I would love for this to be its very own entity, but that does not work with the ways of Paypal

-We will have some Instagram tags to share with each other, should you desire to do so

-Questions? I am here to receive them via the Contact page link in the upper right corner of the page