There! All done but the receiving of the missives and the unfolding of your own particular journey with Wild Simplicity these next four weeks. Tho’ Sunday is the official beginning of Advent, we are “officially” beginning on the first of December…like my beloved Advent calendars.

But I will be sending you a note on Monday the 27th, and the day after that, with some ideas for a few happy tasks you may wish to do as November wanes…to smooth the way. I’ll share my November Spotify playlist (there will be an Advent one as well), and some thoughts on making the most of these Advent letters and the time you spend with them.

In the meantime, you may like to explore these few links…if you are new to the idea of Wild Simplicity…or just want to begin to let the Advent spirit swirl around you.

So grateful to be with you on this happy adventure,


What is Wild Simplicity?

An Advent Wreath