When I last wrote, we were deep in summer and I still held onto some wisps of summery aspirations. But as July simmered and August sweltered, I let go of any lingering wisps and just coped. There were-of course-many beautiful moments and lovely noticings, but after some success with antidotes to languishing, I admit that I succumbed. And it was the right thing to do, with chronic pain visiting again no air-conditioning and all the dratted no-see-ums reveling in the tropical warmth.

And then, along came September, and with it some relief from it all and, therefore, a return of energy and vision. Not great heaps of it, but enough to sense a freshening flow in the depths of my too-still being. Now to nurture that trickle into something steady and enlivening…

September at Wisteria & Sunshine is when we usually focus on simplicity, especially in our homes. This September, it became clear that a focus on well-being, with simplicity at its heart, would serve us best. During my generous break from work at summer’s end, I pondered how that might unfold when I returned. And in the too-familiar way of things nowadays, I cluttered up my good intentions with too many ideas and possibilities. But time and wisdom (belatedly, and so welcome!) entered in a few days ago and I am now happily creating a low-key and lovely path of well-being that we will follow together in the weeks and months to come.

Well-being is my favorite word to describe what others might call fitness or health. Those words can be so barnacled with society’s ideas and approaches, with negativity and commercialism. Well-being takes me to another place, a place more helpful, a place where I can be the most flourishing version of myself…whatever that means at this particular season. I believe, tho’, that it always encompasses movement and nourishment, joy and contentment, and caring, of all sorts.

Flourishing has been difficult to come by for many of us since the pandemic arrived. A difficult menopause has added another layer of challenge for me. But the cool evenings, the quieting in the fields and woods, the gentle breezes beginning to make the leaves drift, and the…hmmm…inclination …seems to be coming back to life out of summer’s languishing. I hope to help us gather up these tiny threads of inclination, add some strong and beautiful threads of practice and ritual and weave the well-being that will give us roots…roots to hold us steady as we welcome Autumn and look to Winter’s rest beyond it.

Tho’ the dogwood flowers aren’t as seasonal as I would like, this old image best captures what I am seeking for myself just now…and you…that we offer ourselves something wholesome and encouraging to brighten and support our days…our lives. Perhaps this missive is enough to spark that care within you, if you are in need of it. Perhaps you are desiring more, some company and breadcrumbs to follow? If so, I invite you to join us at Wisteria & Sunshine as we begin our weaving our well-being there tomorrow.

It is, as always, a dear privilege to write to you!I hope your last days of summer are golden and that you may welcome Autumn with open arms when it arrives…




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