. . .as February wanes and I look to March. Nothing has changed since I wrote here last, except the knowing that I need to tame some more of the briars in my life, if I’m to find the berries…or shall we say flowers, as all is beginning to bloom and blossom here?



So I have created a sabbatical, an Enchanted March for myself. . .no castles or servants (more’s the pity!) but solitude and space, no work for my mind to turn towards, and time to plumb the depths and chase some dreams. My shop will be closed in a few days, and Wisteria & Sunshine is all taken care of (tho’ we will be having conversations about the briars and the flowers there throughout the month.) That just leaves me waving good-bye for a bit. I’ll be back when I know what I want this dear place to be.