Since I last wrote here, the Winter deepened and so did I. But all is now blossom and tiny fresh green leaves sprouting on rough grey branches and I am happy to be here, writing and sharing.


I celebrated a birthday while I was away…


…and did much Spring Cleaning of the papery sort…


…until I have only what I value and want to listen to…


Then I was free to create my own many-layered system, borne out of my own life and longings and now only have the living out of all the patterns and rituals I’ve created. Devotion is the warm and lovely word that leads me on. You shall see if I manage it when you find a new post here each Friday.


Other new patterns are being woven in my kitchen as I get back to entirely nourishing and wholesome cookery after too many post-holiday months of indulgence. The symptoms and pounds are slowly fading back away and I am truly enjoying the soaking and chopping and stirring and the spirit they are bringing to my kitchen and my meals. Oh! To not stray quite so long and far next time…just enough for delight and variety.


You know, looking at these snowdrops, I thought of Rilke’s words (at the top of the page) again. And what I would like is to, each year that I am upon it, be more like the earth and have learned by own life by heart. That is really what is behind…underneath…all my questioning and unease with the way the worlds of all sorts go along…online and otherwise. Those ways can so easily draw us away from our hearts and the learning of them.

So I’ll be here more often, sharing the lines of my own poem as I choose and learn them. There will be more sharing of my creations. I’ve been so tentative about that in the recent past, but the truth is, each of my businesses come straight from my heart and spirit. And they are each strands of the Wild Simplicity I am trying to weave, as so many of us are, so I shouldn’t be shy or hold back. We women…humans…have always helped each other by sharing. That is the whole point in blogging, is it not?

I’d like my blog to have more of the atmosphere of the blogging of years ago, with lovely things to find here and there as you explore, including the sharing of other blogs. So I created an “old-fashioned” (smiling here) blogroll in one of the circles above. The list is short, tho’ it should grow as I finish rooting around my bloglovin’ account and then close it. When I get in the rhythm of blog-visiting again, I hope to find more to add. Since there are so few blogrolls to be found these days, at least in my wanderings, I may seek them out by visiting links in comments or just let it unfold in the natural way of serendipity and happy chance.

A glad Spring to you all! May you find bouquets of moons and blooms and poems.