August 2015


Just wrote this over at Instagram

“In my studio this morning, working with the cover fresh from the printer, and the booklets I’ve designed…noticing the sunlight companioning me…it was one of those moments when you see all that brought you here…and a little dreamy glimpse of the path ahead…”

Some of what brought the idea of my Wild Simplicity Daybook into being was described in a series of posts I made this Spring at Wisteria & Sunshine…an informal study of what we are seeking when we turn to our notebooks, planners and organizers.

In honor of my Daybook unveiling next week, I will share these posts every few days between now and then, while I continue to design and print and stitch and watch the stacks of useful beauty grow…

while I’ve been away…

designing kittyandme




…mostly at my desk designing…then printing…then tweaking…then printing…then trying out…then tweaking…

But around and in-between, living out my autumn mornings and afternoons and evenings in less a schedule than a rhythm…breathing out and breathing in. I watch the hummingbirds at feeder and flower, take a bath watching the sun set, read another chapter of my book on the porch bed…breathing in.

Design another bit of my Daybook, chop some garden peppers for the freezer, wash some of the piled up dishes in the sink…breathing out. It makes for a goodly sort of net.

But it is that time of year, and paper and pencil and some sort of lovely schedule-to-be are singing their siren call, which I can sometimes hear over the growing cricket chorus in the fields….