(a photo of Jo checking the Post Office in the Hedgerow, my long-time favorite way to think of blogging)

.Because…I am tired of Bloglovin’ and other “feed” readers…and all of the advertising…and overwhelmedness. You wouldn’t believe how many hours I have wasted trying to create a blogroll with the most recent post and little photo! It isn’t supported here on a self-hosted WordPress blog…not the done thing anymore, I suppose. Like so many things, I’ve had to let go.

What I’ve settled on is a page with the blogs I like to visit over at Blogger…there is an always updated list, and a few of those little photos I wanted. Once I’ve gathered all of the links, I will wave good-bye to Bloglovin’ and begin a new way with blogs…going calling when I have some spaciousness in my day and the time to visit for awhile, perhaps even leave a response…for I know how welcome they are.

my new blog – following page