October 2013

creating something new here…

…and have just begun the lovely work of it! So you may expect it to take me several weeks to get everything arranged just so. In the meantime, there are three other posts that share a glimpse of all the places around the web that I am weaving what I call “Wild Simplicity”.

I am looking forward to creating all the little corners for you to explore and windows to look through as the days unfold…


looking back, looking ahead

Feeling the need to remember September as we welcome October.
Goodness, September just seemed to fly by! So I am glad to have all these photographs from Wisteria & Sunshine to look back upon…to remind me.
As well, I am looking forward, to changes here. I am very slowly settling in at my new site and hope to move all seven years worth of posts from here to there in the next week or so. I will be sure to let you know before I make the switch, so that you can change any feed-reader settings or bookmarks you may have in place.
It is hard going right now, learning new ways and trying to bring my vision for this new place into reality, but it will be so restful-eventually-to have most everything of mine online gathered into one beautiful corner of the web.
In the meantime, I warmly wish you a peaceful October.