September 2013

sacred stones

When I first read this poem, my mind shied away from some of the words…shaman, witch, ecstatic, underworld. These are not words I am at home with. But instead of turning the page, I started again. I read the words without judgement or fear…and saw my life in them…
I am Shaman,
Witch of old, healer

My dwelling is clean
to hold my intentions clear

I dance to fling off
the dead wood
I dance to raise the earth fire
ecstatic spin
through every cell

I crawl through tunnels
of the underworld
to find the sacred stones

gems of truth
holding steadfast
in the bones of Earth

I put them in my pouch
hang them over my heart
And when I sing to them
they open
to flood me with their Light

And when I sing to them
they love me
and guide me
through the night.