May 2012


(just a photo from a recent Wisteria & Sunshine post)
Congratulations to Ginny!
I put the little slips of paper that I wrote each name upon as I received your comments this past week into a large teacup, tossed well and picked one slip. I will email you, Ginny, and get you set up as soon as you like with your 3-months membership.
If any of the rest of you who didn’t win (how I wish I could have chosen everyone!) would like to see what Wisteria & Sunshine is like, a month’s membership is only $7.00 and you can cancel at any time. It is quiet and rich and bright there, very much like I try to make it here at The Bower, tho’ in a daily way…with the addition of gentle tasks and many resources to help us live our lives more simply and beautifully. The best resource is, of course, our lovely community, slowly growing. I do find myself “missing” some of you there and will continue to prepare and nourish the place I have created and hope that it will welcome you one day.
With thanks to all who wrote and participated.

in celebration…

…of seven years of writing and sharing here, I would like to giveaway a three-months subscription to Wisteria & Sunshine, where I am doing most of my writing and sharing these days.¬†

Simply leave a comment here for me to find, before midnight on May the 7th (it is always so lovely to hear from you!). I will put all the comments in a hat and announce Wisteria & Sunshine’s newest member on the 8th.

If you want to learn more about W&S, you may follow the links in my last post.

Wishing you a very happy May,