I feel as tho’ I have been swimming upstream these past few weeks, trying to make some headway with this issue of copying. But after one last try over at Etsy, to understand their stance and to try to shine some light upon it…I have had to admit defeat as far as that goes. But your really thoughtful comments here have gone a long way to helping me to let it all go for now. I agree with all that was said and feel really grateful for the sympathy and understanding of a complicated situation. In trying to sum up the experience for myself, I keep hearing Elizabeth Bennett’s voice in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice saying with passion and frustration:

“How is such a man to be worked on?”

Insert “woman” or “situation” or “pervasive problem” for the man and there you will have it.
Oh! I just looked up the actual text, and it is even more fitting (if a bit depressing!).

“But nothing can be done — I know very well that nothing can be done. How is such a man to be worked on? How are they even to be discovered? I have not the smallest hope. It is every way horrible!”-Jane Austen

And where is our Mr. Darcy? I don’t know, but until he comes, shall we focus on more pleasant things?


I will have so much nice news to share with you in the weeks to come, and so many pretty and useful new things to put on my website. May I find the power to pull myself away now and then from the sun and breezes and inviting porch sofa to write and photograph and spend some time with my website.

You may have noticed a few new additions to my sidebar. I don’t like to have so much information there, cluttering up the empty spaces…but I didn’t feel that I could keep leaving my words and images in the hands of people’s integrity without a little guidance-for those who need it.

The other new addition is a link to the page I made last night to describe the hows and whens of our Gift from the Sea summer book-club. Just click on it and you will learn when we are to begin and how it might work. My husband and I will be traveling North to Pennsylvania this weekend…to see the daughter of a dear friend wed. I will have a small pile of books to travel with and I shall meet with you here next Wednesday.