Last Thursday, just as I was nearly finished filling orders, I succumbed to the flu. My husband gave in the next day, and we were a house of fever and coughs for days to come. Our dear dog Elzic became sick over the weekend, as well, and as it was the weekend, I had to take him to the city to the emergency vet. We had to leave him there overnight on Sunday, but got the phone call early Monday morning that he was improved enough to bring back home, to our own vet nearby. But when I arrived at the clinic an hour later, I learned that Elzic’s sweet heart had stopped….forever.

So, we are all feeling rather bruised and sad here, as we try to get well. There is a hole in the fabric of our home-life. It is too, too quiet these cold and rainy days-without Elzic’s prancing leaps at meal times and his sighs as he sleeps by the fire. Louisa’s letterbox-in-the-hedge description is fitting, once again, as I think about “tragedies……and puppies”.

Next time I post, I hope that it will be with happier news…..that these dreadful coughs will have gone away, and that we will be able to think of Elzic not with tears, but simply with thankfulness to have known him.

*These two photos were taken last winter, after Christmas, through the front-door glass*