This little pot and its floating snail shells have been bringing me pleasure each time I happen to look upon it….on the windowsill or the photo of it on my computer… have your lovely words and sympathy, when I read them on my computer or think of them during the day-and I do-often.

I have had two pain-free days in a row, and feel like I am on the other side of the endo for now.
It has been a very “perservering”time-these past few weeks. I didn’t actually take a holiday, tho’ my shop was closed…but used the time to focus on designing new things and making lots of stock for the big show ahead. When I needed to lay down, there was always some handwork I could do to keep the stacks of pretty paper things growing, or design-work on the laptop to do.
So it has actually been a productive time and also a time of taking good care of myself. The return of the endo made me get back to eating well, and exercising faithfully-things I let slip early this summer when my father died.

Too much of the summer I feel as tho’ I have had my head down and shoulder to the wheel of- what?….coping I suppose….and the next few days will need even more perserverance. I am just going to say the ripples of divorce can be felt even 25 years down the road. And that I am dreading my fathers’ full-military-honors funeral in Arlington on Wednesday for many a reason. I will be taking all the Grace that surrounds us and wrapping up the day in it as best I can and just keep picturing myself with my brothers and all my extended family afterwards-enjoying a peaceful meal together and looking towards the future.

There has been so much comfort over the weeks in the familiar rhythms of cutting and folding and threading of ribbon…and packaging up your orders….they have been surprisingly helpful during this time of so much that is unfamiliar and unwelcome. I am SO looking forward to my next conversation with you about all the new things I have been making, and the new website I am building and some tickets I have to give away for the Green Festival and some perhaps-news about my work in a magazine….until then…