It has been too long, and even this will just be a quick note… has been raining steadily all day long and I seem to be succumbing to a cold. The last few weeks have been so full with preparations for a show and tying up the loose ends of home-studies and tending family and chicks. I was able to make several new creations for the home-schooling convention last Thursday, Friday and Saturday and they were so well-received! It was a lovely show in every way…seeing old friends (who are also customers), watching happy families, chatting with wonderful neighbors….

I stayed up very late the night before the show, because I really wanted to make a handmade piece that had been in my mind for days. Here it is before it was bought by a lovely, lovely little family that came into my booth just a few hours before the show ended:


Since coming home, I have been attempting to rescue the house from the oblivion it entered when I was busily making things and continued when I was gone and my husband was so nicely entertaining our sons and their friends. We have moved the no-longer-chicks to the garden where they spend their nights in the chicken tractor and their days free-ranging with the older flock. We lost one of them, the prettiest little grey and white one, who was born with a beak defect and in spite of homemade warm meals and lots of special care just couldn’t make it any longer. We will miss her.

I will write again soon, but a hot cup of tea and more rest and a few more chapters of Great Expectations are calling me!