April 2015

if you are new here

   I wonder if you are a woman tending her own small world and also thoughtful about the earth around you (or want to be)? You may be weary of the clamor everywhere and seeking support for a quieter, simpler path. I am also that sort of woman and have created this space (and a few others) in response to those longings.

You will feel at home here if you would like some peaceful places in which to wander, to remind you to slow down, look within, be content and take good care.


I like to create rooms and homes….on the earth and here on the web.  They are usually spacious, cosy, and as full of light as possible. Some of the rooms are papery ones, but they have the same feel.

When you visit, I hope you will always find a nourishing drink waiting for you on the windowsill, something helpful to read, or a comfortable spot where you can stare into the fire and just be. You won’t find e-courses, or coaching, as helpful as those things can be. My gift seems to be finding and sharing ways to create more beauty and peace in our homes, our days and our lives…at least, that it is what I try to do.

My current offerings…


My offerings…

Everything I create is something I have been wanting or needing myself…so…grown out of my everyday life.  May they bring more ease and beauty to your life, as they have mine…



If you feel at home here, you may feel even more so behind the sheltered walls of the private membership site that is Wisteria & Sunshine. A “room of your own” to visit and quietly explore what the ingredients of living an earth and heart-centered life might be. A peaceful, inspiring refuge always there for you. Click here to signup or learn more.


The Wild Simplicity Daybook…a Midori-style approach to planning and keeping your days. Simple, beautiful, versatile. The most earth-conscious planner, designed to peacefully companion your days. Learn more here or go right to my shop. Printables and, occasionally, stationery and other papery lovelies.


Have you ever looked online for a lovely e-card to send to someone, perhaps when it is too late to send one by mail? I have, and I never could find anything lovely. So I created my own, a natural step from Small Meadow Press, the stationery line I used to make. Learn more and join here.

Small Ceremonials & Everyday Altars…a gift from me to you. It is full of photographs and short writings about the Everyday Deep, through the lens of creating small rituals and little altars to sweeten & root your daily round. It is a glimpse of the approach to life that we explore in depth at Wisteria & Sunshine. Click image to download.