Hello dear reader,

When I last wrote to you, the year had just begun, and now we are just a week away from the summer solstice! So much has happened since then, tho' it has been quiet happening, and mostly within me. On the outside, I've been taking deep care of myself with wholesome nourishment and gentle movement. And tho' it is slow going, I am getting slimmer and stronger after several years of feeling otherwise. My home and garden are also getting the deep care they really haven't for awhile, as I unclutter everywhere (also very slowly) and bring some small, long-envisioned garden ideas into being.

As winter turned into spring, I experienced a profound-yet-subtle shift within me. It has to do with finally leaving my menopause chrysalis...turning sixty-five...and just becoming aware that I was at the end of my mid-life journey. So much feels clearer now. I am able to let go more easily of what needs letting go of, and hold closer all that I need and desire to deepen with. And I seem to be ready to step somewhat gracefully into my elder~woman years...my rose~hip years.

One of the many beautiful gifts of this clarity is spaciousness...in my days...my home...my mind...and my spirit. There is also a lovely lightness. And gratefulness seems to have more room to spread her arms, too. This springtime has been filled with it, so soft and tender it has felt, in the air and the on the earth, in the blooming of the flowers and the clouds floating on the breezes. The heat is coming soon, but I shall try to remember these rather halcyon days when they do.

Life also feels roomier because I followed my heart and energy and stopped making papery things this year...thus far. It's been more than twenty years of goodness in that realm, ten years for the Daybook, and I just seem to have lost the desire to sit so long in front of the computer designing, or fiddle with the always-challenging printing. If you are a Daybook~woman and have some thoughts about how I might simplify the offering of it, do send me your thoughts by replying to this missive. I have some ideas myself, tho' am finding that other sorts of ideas beckon most strongly lately.

So, I am focusing my creativity and sharing (with the world at large) only at Wisteria & Sunshine these days, and very glad for the privacy and peace of it. It remains a quiet, calm and nurturing place, tucked up in the otherwise often very busy webby world. We had a festival of little films there this week, filled with beauty and gathered wisdom, and I was moved to make one public this morning, which you may find by clicking the butterfly photo above. Otherwise, summer plans for our haven will be slow and savoring, with a summer solstice papery retreat next week and some bookish adventures to come. You are so welcome to join at anytime. I've made a fresh, new front page to explain all about it here...

I am finishing this letter to you from my back porch. It is supposed to get quite hot today, but at the moment, the breeze is refreshing and the birdsong is sweet. I have a day of small, pleasant tasks ahead, as it is a stay-at-home day...my favorite sort. And I am thinking of you, hoping you have many of your own favorite sort of days to look forward to as the summer months unfold...

P.S. Of course, so much has been happening in the world since I last wrote, and I am not ignoring it when I don't write of it here. But just as my life is not all butterflies and blooming flowers...I hope you know that I am just choosing to share the beauty, growth and peace, all that makes the rest easier to bear and work with.

P.P.S. Always glad & grateful to be welcomed in your inbox.💕

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