Hello dear reader,

I write today, on this first day of the New Year, from the kitchen sofa...birds on bare branches outside the windows, glowing fire in the woodstove, and a soul full of half-formed thoughts and wisps of dreams. It is that precious time in the heart of winter that some have called "the hush" or "the blur." I don't have a name for it, but I am in its warm, undemanding arms for another week or so.

I did manage a few hours in my studio each day for the last few, and have brought into being something I've been wanting since I discovered digital planners a few years ago...

And now it is in my shop where you may read more about it. The short story behind it is that I have created the digital companion I wanted, for all of the small-but-useful-ways that it serves me better than my paper Daybook. I wanted to be able to share it with you when January began, and so I have managed...but the quiet, my books and my winter thoughts are beckoning me back, so I'll leave it that.

When I get back to posting at Wisteria & Sunshine next Monday, I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts about all that this page, in my Twelve Days of Christmas book, is speaking to me of these days. But those thoughts can wait. Hoping your days have some quiet and rest in them, and that all that can wait, may wait...

P. S. Always glad & grateful to be welcomed in your inbox.💕
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