Hello dear reader,

A quick note for you on this sunny autumn morning, from my studio where I've been making Daybook things as the sky turned from pink and gold to blue and delicate white clouds. I will be closing my shop for papery orders soon, to give myself time to make and fill orders as November wanes, and get your pretty packages to you before December arrives...

So to encourage you : ) I am offering two lovely free e~books to you, if you order before Thanksgiving Day. These are beautiful e~books I've made for the members of Wisteria & Sunshine...a few of many in our storehouse there. These two are perfect for this time of year, with peaceful thoughts and approaches to these last weeks, autumn into winter, towards the crowning of the year. If you order something papery from my shop in the next three days, I shall send them to you via a message at Etsy.

Wishing you a wonderful, nourishing in all the ways Thanksgiving,

P. S. I've also made a new film that you may find at you~tube by clicking the image below...
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