Hello dear reader,

The sun is dipping low as I finish up another long day in my studio, and can share with you the happy news that my shop is filled again! There are more details to come, flip-through films of all of the Daybook~lets to make, and other creations coming down the road. So this is just a little postcard, especially to my Daybook women, to let you know that they've arrived...

I chose birds as the theme for my beloved calendar this year, our dear companions, wherever we may be in the world. The calendar comes first, then its monthly spreads are woven in with the planner or diary pages in the seasonal booklets. A change this year is that I am only selling the seasonal booklets in sets. Life is short...my hands are becoming achy with arthritis...and I need and want to spend less time in front of a screen. So simplifying is my north star, more than ever before. If you have any questions at all, send me a note by replying to this or a message via Etsy and I will gladly respond.

Please know that the Christmas things I put in the shop are what I have left from last year. If you see anything you like, you should snap it up because I don't plan to offer them in the future. The only holiday-something I have planned is a kit box filled with earth-friendly ingredients to make your holiday crafting and journaling more gentle on the earth...and you. It will arrive later in November, and I will be sure to let you know when there is more goodness to share.

Until then, I hope this finds you well and enjoying the gorgeous leaves as they fall and lay beauty at our feet,
P. S. Our Autumn Asks journey at Wisteria & Sunshine has been teaching me so, so much. Because of it, I am not going to proofread this letter as my body is more-than-whispering to me to run a hot bath and get into it as soon as possible. I know you will excuse any mistakes. : ) The journey is continuing through November, and will soon become more oriented towards smoothing the way for December and the holidays. I would love for you to join us, by clicking below to learn more...
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